Due Diligence, Inc. Expanding, Hiring, Preparing for Future IPO

Due Diligence, Inc. is expanding, hiring, and preparing for a future IPO.

The Due Diligence, Inc. expansion model is based on business partner affiliates who bring proven high-level experience in providing sophisticated professional services to clients, who have the passion to always seek continuous improvement, who have the passion to be the best in their region, and who want to be part of the leading due diligence organization worldwide.

Strong business partners are needed on 6 continents to assure coverage of all major business centers worldwide.

Due Diligence, Inc. is the oldest private firm solely dedicated to due diligence, now 35 years old, with an impressive track record of performing over 7,500 projects for more than 1,500 clients. Due Diligence, Inc. is also a pioneer in helping develop highly-advanced artificial intelligence-based due diligence services and the science of due diligence.

The requirements process for business partner affiliates includes testing, proof of multiple sophisticated services delivery, very strong communications and report writing skills, and an absolutely clean track record.

If you believe your firm is up to the challenge, you may start the applications process and can also ask any questions at this link.

We have received many inquiries regarding stock. Stock purchases will only be offered to a limited number of people and only after screening. You may learn more at this link.