New Platform for Next Generation Due Diligence Tools Launching

Due Diligence, Inc. is undergoing a remarkable evolution, launching the first stage of the Due Diligence Highway, the new digital platform that allows DDI and our partners to offer the highly-advanced, artificial-intelligence-based, Next Generation Due Diligence Tools for clients. Unlike any other professional services platform, the new platform grows directly from DDI's in-house system that has been tested in the market for more than three decades to support over 1,500 clients with over 7,500 projects.

The second stage of the platform includes the value-added Due Diligence, Inc. partnering system that gives high-quality professional service providers a single view of the entire due diligence ecosystem, and allows them to market more services, better services, increase profits, increase performance, and reduce costs. Professional services providers such as M&A firms, consulting organizations, investment bankers, lawyers, broker dealers, accountants, and business brokers can leverage their partnering relationship with Due Diligence, Inc. to accelerate business, and market and sell a wide variety of services. Partners will create new commercial opportunities with the Due Diligence Highway, and grow visibility and demand for their services.

What's Next?

If you would like to learn how our new platform can help your company, please contact us here.

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