Michael S. Ruiz Appointed Vice President

Michael S. Ruiz has been appointed Vice President of Due Diligence, Inc. today.

Mr. Ruiz brings more than 20 years of experience in the telecom, security and information technology sectors. His role as Vice President includes providing essential guidance to clients on cyber security, information governance, data privacy and complex security issues through the Advisory Services Group. He will also be assisting in the Intellectual Capital Group, and in the Funds Group.

Mr. Ruiz has served on the Due Diligence, Inc. Board of Directors and as Senior Advisor since 2008.

Mr. Ruiz maintains distinguishable expertise in the field of cybersecurity affecting many industries within the Fortune 1000 prominent firms such as the telecom, financial, information technology, security, transportation, local/federal government, media, and energy sectors. His focal point is in information security, privacy, and GRC, with heavy expertise in security management, data protection, risk management, compliance, and physical security within the US, Europe, and South American. Mr. Ruiz’s involvement, through performance and leadership, expands various projects ranging from $300,000 to over $60 million

Mr. Ruiz’s career spans 25+ years in information technology and security with a selective group of companies such as Electronic Data Systems, Ericsson, Perot Systems, Verizon, The Associates (now Citicorp), Check Point Technologies, and Accenture. As a visionary technologist, his passion is cutting-edge technology driving paradigm-shifting products/services with major global implications. He enjoys these results through synergies of people, processes, and technologies, while incorporating data protection transparently.

Presently, he is a senior cybersecurity principal for a leading financial firm specializing in vehicle transportation commercial and lease developments within the US and abroad. As a main principal, he has developed, coordinated, and executed their risk management program to maturity. This impact minimized internal and external risk transparently, centralized documented processes through automation, and enhanced due diligence of the business effecting critical stakeholders.

Previously, Mr. Ruiz has worked for many consulting firms within the security space including: Accenture, Accuvant (now Optiv), and eventually managing his own firm as Managing Director of the MSR Group. Major project development consisted of a large financial mortgage firm’s vendor risk management assessment and recommendations totaling close to $400,000 leading to $5 million long term, a national credit union’s network security assessment, design, and training approximately $3.5 million, a major east coast utilities firm network assessment, redesign, and project implementation totaling $7 million long term, and a state government security product design and implementation within a project of $25 million.

Mr. Ruiz has a BBA in Entrepreneurship & International Business from Baylor University. He holds an IS/IT Project Management certification from Villanova University. Additionally, Mr. Ruize has achieved his Masters in Homeland Security with Honors from American Military University (AMU). Mr. Ruiz holds other professional certifications: CIPP/US, and CTPRP. He is also a lifetime member of the International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi and the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society of AMU.